30 July 2011

The Old Tourist

For some reason, I didn't do a lot of my traveling when I was in my early 20s. I didn't go to Vegas until I was 25. I first went to Miami at 24. I haven't done alot of trips with the girls etc. So now at 28, I'm doing a lot of these things and what I've realized is I'm an Old Tourist™.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't reached fanny-pack status yet, but there's definitely the occasional need to take a nap before hitting the club and after a day of sightseeing. And occasionally that nap turns into a full -blown night in.

Case in point: Yesterday we walked up Av. du Mont Royale and headed down Rue St. Denis to the shopping area on Rue Saint Catherine. We exchanged money, had a late lunch and then headed over to the underground city and shopped a bit. It was a great walk and we covered lots of ground but by the time we were ready to go, it was evident that we'd be taking the Metro back to the apartment. And by the time we'd eaten and had a few drinks, it was evident that we would not be checking out the Friday night club scene.

Alas, everything happens for a reason because there was a major thunderstorm last night and I'm sure the sky dumped down rain on a few unsuspecting clubgoers in '06 dresses™. So, good or bad, I at least know where I stand in this stage of my life. Maybe I'll find my second wind in my 40's. J.Lo has.

Pics at the jump:

29 July 2011

I ♥ Montreal

I arrived in Montreal around 8:30 p.m. yesterday and after getting acclimated to the area where I'm staying (downtown near the beautiful Parc du Mont Royal), my friend and I headed towards Boulevard Saint Laurent to check out the club scene. And all I have to say is: Why the HELL is this my first time in Montreal?

First off, it is a straight shot up the interstate to get here. A few tolls, pass a few farms and a couple of McDonald's and it's "Bienvenue Canada!" Secondly, despite my dorky display at the border ("Can I get my passport stamped?!"), the process of crossing into Canada was as easy-peasy as stopping to pay a toll. Actually a bit faster. Toll people, get on that!

And finally, Montreal (or what little I've seen of it between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am) is easy to walk around, bars and even restaurants stay open until 2 am (sometimes 3 am). There's lots of people walking and you feel very safe. And there's a beautiful mix of cultures and languages. Of course, I'm here in the summer so I haven't experience a major flaw of the city: winter. But I'm willing to summer here in Montreal. And maybe all the rest of it makes enduring winter worth it.

26 July 2011

It Was a Day at the Beach

Today NY returned to "normal" summer i.e. hot but not sweltering and perfect weather for the beach. I went to Riis Beach to catch up with some of my brown Brown friends. Every time I go to the beach it only reinforces that my life would be so much better if I could live it in a bikini. Also the section of the beach that I was in is pretty much nudity accepted so question: what is proper nude beach etiquette? Example: I found myself staring at one girl's tattoos but I sure it also looked like I was staring at her boobs. Now I could have gone up to her and explained that I was just looking at her tattoos but I also feel like anybody you approach on a nude beach seems sleazy. Thoughts?

Afterwards, I showered and changed in record time so I could meet my friend Lionel at W 4th. Of course I was still late and starving by the time I got there. We headed to Chinatown for some delicious BBQ porkchops. The best thing about hanging out with Lionel is that he knows every off the beaten path ethnic food place in NY which means I always have a good walk and amazing food when we're together. We got caught in the rain which was fun. I'm continually enamoured with the mercurial quality of NY summers. It's an aspect I miss.

Finally I returned home and my baby brother had just returned from his trip to the mid-West. My brother is a continual source of annoyance but he can be pretty cute too. He gave me a huge hug and a really sweet birthday card. I do love him (as he matures I also start to like him). Tomorrow I'm prepping for Montreal and dropping in on some folks before I head out. Next stop on the tour :)

Btw if you're not watching Awkaward on MTV or TeenNick's revival of beloved '90'a shows like Doug you are seriously missing out.

25 July 2011

Late 20's Wasteland

Day wasted. Or not really. I actually finished reading book 5 of the Song of Ice and Fire series A Dance With Dragons. It was a-mah-zing. (That's funnier if you watch Happy Endings by the way. No really go check out Hulu I'll wait)

Yesterday was also great. Sometimes the stars align and you really get to see who cares. I got lots of sweet birthday wishes and love. Way more than I expected. I got to eat at Hashi in Washington Heights (delicious food, drinks, etc.) and I had some Girlfriends-esque talk with my friends. And my mom made me mac-n-cheese and barbecue chicken.

Other than my ever-expanding waistline it was a great birthday. I do feel this immense pressure to pack in every minute of my NY time but the crazy heat followed by the rain has derailed me a bit. Thursday I head to Montreal and we'll see what I get into there.

22 July 2011


Rarely do I use the word success in relation to the hare-brained schemes I cook up but I have to say my trip to San Diego was a rousing success!

After a few hiccups, I managed to get into the Con by 12 p.m. I headed straight to Ballroom 20 (sure that I'd never get in) and got in the back to catch the tail end of the Psych panel, which Dule Hill Tweeted his way through. After that, I managed to find a single seat near the front just in time for The Ringer panel. This was especially great for me because I am a HUGE Sarah Michelle Gellar fan and she is lovely and amazing. She lit up the panel. And the show is filled with some of my favorite men, like Kristofer Poloha (Life Unexpected) and Nestor Carbonell (Lost).

Then the stage was set for the Game of Thrones panel and I was determined to ask a question and have my moment in the spotlight in front of Jason Momoa. Not only did I get to ask a question but Jason loved my "Yes We Khal!" Drogo t-shirt and although he did not instantly ask me to marry him, we still had a moment. In addition to Jason, Emilia Clarke (Daenyrs Stormborn) was at the panel and she was lovely. You can tell that though they were only married on screen, Jason and Emilia are very sweet to each other still.

20 July 2011

Comic-Con Drive-by

Tomorrow I will attempt what I am deeming a Comic-Con drive-by. After years of the evnt falling on my birthday weekend and me being unable to attend, this year I said, "Fuck it". In the past ny major impetus for going was the show Lost. Although I can geek out with the best of them on comics, I'm more of a quiet browser in the back of the store. I know what I like(X-Men, Buffy) and other than the occasional story that catches my eye, I've never been one for cosplay or large crowds of people. But each year the San Diego Comic Con came and went and I missed the Lost panel only to hear a out the awesomeness via podcast and blogs. When Lost ended I figured that was it. Then came Game of Thrones ...

This is where my inner geek comes out, people. When I love a show, like truly love it, I turn into a sponge. A crazy sponge. I must know everything. So once I became hooked on Game of Thrones I had to read the books ... and the blogs ... and learn Dothraki ... and then I fond the tumblrs. Then I heard the cast of GoT would be at Comic-Con and it was like my second chance had come.

And here begins my 24 hours in San Diego. At Comc-Con. Hopefully through some shady backdoor dealing I will be attending the panel at 3 pm. And luckily, I found a great place on Airbnb.com which I highly recommend to anyone travelling.

Coming up next: Flying into N.Y. for birthday madness!