16 July 2010

Under Construction

My apartment has become a metaphor for my life. About a week ago I discovered that I have bedbugs. This discovery led to a a flurry of deep cleaning (washing ALL my clothes, steaming my carpets, pulling up my carpets, moving all my furniture and dusting, etc.) and a lot of stress. The upside of this is that I'm really assessing what I have, what I need and what I want.

Consequently, having a sudden upheaval with my apartment has forced me to evaluate myself financially, emotionally and professionally ... and I've come up wanting. Suffice to say, each stage of my impromptu renovation is leading me to think about renovating my life. More details to come but here's some pics of my apt in transition.

04 July 2010

World Cup Fever

Even though the World Cup is over I wanted to talk about my new favorite thing ... soccer (or futbol) players. Seriously, next to Argentinian polo players and surfers (what it could happen), they are officially the hottest men on the planet. And now that I know that every four years there will be an entire month donated to watching them come together and sweat, I've found my calling. Originally I tuned into the World Cup because it was happening in a place I love, South Africa. And then I found something else to love ... the men. Here are my fab 5.