01 December 2008

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: How I Finished My Christmas Shopping in One Weekend

I am not one of those people who tramples their way into a K-Mart at 5 a.m. for a discounted television. Actually I kind of hate those people. I think that the whole Black Friday phenomenon is ridiculous especially in this economy. Buying a T.V. you don't need at a discounted price is still money wasted. That being said, there are some wonderful things about Black Friday and it's online equivalent, Cyber Monday.

This Christmas I decided to focus on gifts that have either heartwarming and sentimental value or gifts whose purchase will also be a charitable contribution. And I managed to find some great deals along the way.

At Dogeared, a jewelry and accessory site, I found beautiful necklaces that come with wonderful messages attached. They are also have an anniversary special of 20% off, if you enter the promo code "HAPPYBIRTHDAY" during checkout. Also check out their eco-friendly bags.

Tom's Shoes is offering free shipping for online orders and for every pair of shoes purchased, one is donated to those in need. The company hopes to donate 30,000 pairs of shoes to Ethiopia. They are currently at 9,000!

A great site for international gems and helping those around the globe is The Hunger Site. This website not only has items made by local merchants all over the globe but purchase of items goes towards feeding the hungry around the world.

When it comes to my younger cousins and siblings, I like to give books at Christmas. Barnes & Noble is having a 40% off sale and a free winter throw with orders over $75.

My favorite online boutique Le Train Bleu, is having a 40% off Cyber Monday sale. I finally purchased Elsinore Buckle Flats I wanted as well as a gold tank. Enter promo code "cybermonday" at checkout.

And finally, as much fun as online shopping is, it's also great to make something for your relatives. My personal faves are scarves, customized photos and "coupons" for days out and fun activities.

*For more Cyber Monday deals go to CyberMonday.com. Also most Cyber Monday deals last through Tuesday!