20 July 2011

Comic-Con Drive-by

Tomorrow I will attempt what I am deeming a Comic-Con drive-by. After years of the evnt falling on my birthday weekend and me being unable to attend, this year I said, "Fuck it". In the past ny major impetus for going was the show Lost. Although I can geek out with the best of them on comics, I'm more of a quiet browser in the back of the store. I know what I like(X-Men, Buffy) and other than the occasional story that catches my eye, I've never been one for cosplay or large crowds of people. But each year the San Diego Comic Con came and went and I missed the Lost panel only to hear a out the awesomeness via podcast and blogs. When Lost ended I figured that was it. Then came Game of Thrones ...

This is where my inner geek comes out, people. When I love a show, like truly love it, I turn into a sponge. A crazy sponge. I must know everything. So once I became hooked on Game of Thrones I had to read the books ... and the blogs ... and learn Dothraki ... and then I fond the tumblrs. Then I heard the cast of GoT would be at Comic-Con and it was like my second chance had come.

And here begins my 24 hours in San Diego. At Comc-Con. Hopefully through some shady backdoor dealing I will be attending the panel at 3 pm. And luckily, I found a great place on Airbnb.com which I highly recommend to anyone travelling.

Coming up next: Flying into N.Y. for birthday madness!

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