22 July 2011


Rarely do I use the word success in relation to the hare-brained schemes I cook up but I have to say my trip to San Diego was a rousing success!

After a few hiccups, I managed to get into the Con by 12 p.m. I headed straight to Ballroom 20 (sure that I'd never get in) and got in the back to catch the tail end of the Psych panel, which Dule Hill Tweeted his way through. After that, I managed to find a single seat near the front just in time for The Ringer panel. This was especially great for me because I am a HUGE Sarah Michelle Gellar fan and she is lovely and amazing. She lit up the panel. And the show is filled with some of my favorite men, like Kristofer Poloha (Life Unexpected) and Nestor Carbonell (Lost).

Then the stage was set for the Game of Thrones panel and I was determined to ask a question and have my moment in the spotlight in front of Jason Momoa. Not only did I get to ask a question but Jason loved my "Yes We Khal!" Drogo t-shirt and although he did not instantly ask me to marry him, we still had a moment. In addition to Jason, Emilia Clarke (Daenyrs Stormborn) was at the panel and she was lovely. You can tell that though they were only married on screen, Jason and Emilia are very sweet to each other still.

The last panel I saw was the TVGuide fan favorites, which was filled with people I love: Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, creators of The Vampire Diaries, Jorge Garcia of Lost and soon-to-be Alcatraz fame, Johnny Galecki from Big Bang Theory and most of all Lafayette and motherfucking PAM from True Blood.

And then there was SWAG! No one told me you get free stuff at these things. I got a chair, two copies of Game of Thrones the book, t-shirts, etc. I almost didn't make it home with all my carry ons.

All and all it was a great day and I got to walk around the main floor and check out some comics (I got Kevin Smith's Batman mini-series Widening Gyre for $10) before heading back to Ocean Beach and straight to the airport. Comic-Con Drive-by accomplished!

Here's a bunch of pictures I managed to snap on my dying phone:

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