25 July 2011

Late 20's Wasteland

Day wasted. Or not really. I actually finished reading book 5 of the Song of Ice and Fire series A Dance With Dragons. It was a-mah-zing. (That's funnier if you watch Happy Endings by the way. No really go check out Hulu I'll wait)

Yesterday was also great. Sometimes the stars align and you really get to see who cares. I got lots of sweet birthday wishes and love. Way more than I expected. I got to eat at Hashi in Washington Heights (delicious food, drinks, etc.) and I had some Girlfriends-esque talk with my friends. And my mom made me mac-n-cheese and barbecue chicken.

Other than my ever-expanding waistline it was a great birthday. I do feel this immense pressure to pack in every minute of my NY time but the crazy heat followed by the rain has derailed me a bit. Thursday I head to Montreal and we'll see what I get into there.

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