26 July 2011

It Was a Day at the Beach

Today NY returned to "normal" summer i.e. hot but not sweltering and perfect weather for the beach. I went to Riis Beach to catch up with some of my brown Brown friends. Every time I go to the beach it only reinforces that my life would be so much better if I could live it in a bikini. Also the section of the beach that I was in is pretty much nudity accepted so question: what is proper nude beach etiquette? Example: I found myself staring at one girl's tattoos but I sure it also looked like I was staring at her boobs. Now I could have gone up to her and explained that I was just looking at her tattoos but I also feel like anybody you approach on a nude beach seems sleazy. Thoughts?

Afterwards, I showered and changed in record time so I could meet my friend Lionel at W 4th. Of course I was still late and starving by the time I got there. We headed to Chinatown for some delicious BBQ porkchops. The best thing about hanging out with Lionel is that he knows every off the beaten path ethnic food place in NY which means I always have a good walk and amazing food when we're together. We got caught in the rain which was fun. I'm continually enamoured with the mercurial quality of NY summers. It's an aspect I miss.

Finally I returned home and my baby brother had just returned from his trip to the mid-West. My brother is a continual source of annoyance but he can be pretty cute too. He gave me a huge hug and a really sweet birthday card. I do love him (as he matures I also start to like him). Tomorrow I'm prepping for Montreal and dropping in on some folks before I head out. Next stop on the tour :)

Btw if you're not watching Awkaward on MTV or TeenNick's revival of beloved '90'a shows like Doug you are seriously missing out.

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