21 April 2011


This week Jezebel (After Dark) did a great article about crushing on male porn star Keni Styles. After reading that article, I have to come clean about my porn star crush, James Deen.

I first came across James when watching the Scrubs XXX porn parody. He played the starring role of DJ, the parody's take on Zach Braff's character on Scrubs. There was just something about him that I liked right off the bat. He was funny, irreverent and he actually looked at the girls he was fucking with an intensity that was genuine. To put it succinctly, the man enjoyed his job.

Then when I was looking over some things on Kink.com, I ran into James doing it up in various scenes for Sex and Submission. My favorite parts of his clips were the testimonials at the end when he'd turn chummily to his co-stars and ask, "Didja have fun?!" like they'd just come home from a ball game. This man has charm.

And after Googling a bit, what sealed the deal was his Twitter page and blog. Although it can read like the mindless ramblings of a stoner, James Deen's blog is the blog of a man who is enjoying his life to the fullest. He clearly loves and adores the women he gets to work with, he hates wearing pants and he likes the dentist. Now I'm an avid follower of his Twitter and since I found out that he's in the Bay filming for Kink today, I'm trying to find a way to "bump" into him.

Believe me, if you think you don't like porn, it's because you haven't seen this man in action :)


Anonymous said...

Porn crush?!? We can do better than that! - KTSchell

Caryn said...

Oh. My. God. I know.

I love James Deen! I feel like I'd probably kill him if I had to spend any extended amount of time with him, but being on the receiving end of his fucking would totally make up for it.

nikki said...

he doesn't stay hard long enough, he kept fuckin me with a soft noodle, believe me

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