30 July 2011

The Old Tourist

For some reason, I didn't do a lot of my traveling when I was in my early 20s. I didn't go to Vegas until I was 25. I first went to Miami at 24. I haven't done alot of trips with the girls etc. So now at 28, I'm doing a lot of these things and what I've realized is I'm an Old Tourist™.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't reached fanny-pack status yet, but there's definitely the occasional need to take a nap before hitting the club and after a day of sightseeing. And occasionally that nap turns into a full -blown night in.

Case in point: Yesterday we walked up Av. du Mont Royale and headed down Rue St. Denis to the shopping area on Rue Saint Catherine. We exchanged money, had a late lunch and then headed over to the underground city and shopped a bit. It was a great walk and we covered lots of ground but by the time we were ready to go, it was evident that we'd be taking the Metro back to the apartment. And by the time we'd eaten and had a few drinks, it was evident that we would not be checking out the Friday night club scene.

Alas, everything happens for a reason because there was a major thunderstorm last night and I'm sure the sky dumped down rain on a few unsuspecting clubgoers in '06 dresses™. So, good or bad, I at least know where I stand in this stage of my life. Maybe I'll find my second wind in my 40's. J.Lo has.

Pics at the jump:

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Sheena said...

Ain't nothing about you old Hun, especially if you can still rock an " '06 " dress well- the term's official now though huh, lol? Luv it :-) enjoy yourself and take lots more pics! Muah.