18 September 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days: #33

#34: How Many of Us Have Them?

Today I went to a skate-a-thon at Dry Ice roller rink. It was my first attempt to make some friends outside of work. I think it was a rousing success. I enjoyed myself, had some well-priced (read: cheap) beer and met some good people.

I think the older you get the harder it is to make friends. By the time you're 20 or so, you've pretty established the group of people to support you for the rest of your life. You might meet people through work or other friends but for the most part, you've created a core group of people. Since I'm so far away from the core I've formed, I'm trying to find new people and although I enjoy my co-workers, I really need to soialize with more people. I hope I'm taking a few steps in the right direction.

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