20 September 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days: #34

#34: Insomniac

I've had a difficult time sleeping the past couple of nights. I'm averaging about five hours of
sleep per night. I go through these sleepless periods about once to twice a year. If I was the therapy type, I could probably tell you what triggers it but for the most part it's just happens.

It's not necessarily bad. I don't feel extra tired. For example, today I went to see the San Francisco Opera simulcast at the SF Giants Ballpark. I ate sandwiches, cheese, olives and other goodies while drinking mimosas and then had an Irish coffee at 21 Amendment before riding the bus home. Although I'm physically tired (I walked a lot more than I was expecting to this evening), I could probably stay up a few more hours. I guess the thing that bugs me is that I'm awake but I'm not doing anything productive. Instead of cleaning my apartment or working on projects, I'm YouTubing (yes, it's a verb when you do it recreationally and/or without purpose) or texting The Ex-Boy, who seems to be texting me pretty often since my last birthday. In other words, it's not the lack of sleep that I mind but the lack of productivity.

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