17 September 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days: #32

#32: Love Jones

Since I've been reminiscing all week I would be remiss not to mention Love Jones. Love Jones is one of those movies that I think defined what "love" is supposed to look like for people, as evidenced by the amounts of "Love Jones" blogs I found when searching for this picture.

For me, just the words evoke a certain feeling. It reminds me of the feeling of laying on the couch and reading a good book on a rainy Sunday. Or listening to jazz while laying in bed. Or a hot, restless night (like tonight) when you feel lazy and energized all at once.

But most of all Love Jones taught me what NOT to do in a relationship. It's one of those frustrations that make great love stories, the characters do
everything wrong. While I learned not to play games and not to hold back when it counts, would the story have seemed so great if they didn't have to suffer a bit to get there?

I've been rewatching old clips of General Hospital and in particular, my favorite couple Jason and Sam. There's something cathartic about watching couples get together, get torn apart and reunite. Even if that love ends tragically and the reunion is something you only imagine. Ultimately, when you think of a love story, you don't remember the tragedy, you remember the warm nights, the laughs and the kisses. And that's why the stories endure.

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