28 September 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days: #43

#43: Mood: Contemplative

Clearly this was one of those "in my head" days. Not so much becaue I was at work but I did start to think: when did we stop teaching kids to think? When did we stop teaching them the basic modicums of respect and decency?

I've been blaming the kids but lately, I've got to go to the adults. For example, lately when I go out to monitor recess, there are chip packets and wrappers all over the playground. That's the fault of their teachers. A 5th grader, maybe it's on them but a kindergartener? That's a teacher.

And I think about some of the things I've let slide. Because I was tired or just didn't feel like dealing. Is it really the kids or are we just using them as an excuse for our own laziness?

Last week when I was waiting for the bus, I saw a girl getting jumped. I didn't do as much as I should have. I'll admit I was a bit afraid. There were about twenty crazed teens egging the fight on. But ultimately, I let it go. I knew someone else would handle it. And I'd already yelled at 2 kids that day and dealt with another one's attitude. And I felt a cold coming on. And I just wanted to get home and lay down.

But ultimately, those are all excuses. Can I call myself a teacher, if when the time is most important, I don't teach?

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