15 September 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days: #30

#30: Playing Dress Up

Fall is always a fun time because it's a time to reinvent yourself. I've been thinking about how to update my look especially since I'm financially challenged and also since what I do restricts a lot of what I want to wear.

I love maxi dresses and because summer in Northern California doesn't really kick up until around September and October, this is the time when I can really wear them. Unfortunately, many of my maxi dresses are low cut, so I have to pair them with tanks. And to make them work ready, I'm also adding heels rather than sandals, which means changing shoes since I have recess duty during the day.

This is another look I like. It's simple and casual yet dressed up. I have some similar pieces in my wardrobe already and I can easily adapt this to my own style.

There's another similar look, with skinny jeans and blousy tops that I like. I've spent the entire summer looking for perfectly slouchy tees and acquired a few that would complete the look.

I love wearing heels but it becomes harder sine I spend most of my time running around our much larger school. But I've committed myself to at least two fashion-y outfits a week. I think it's important to go outside of the box especially since the teacher uniform (button down, slacks, comfy shoes and sweater) is not my idea of fun fashion.

There's also a few pieces I'm looking to get altered. One is a structured jacket that ties at the neck. I would like to replace it with a large button. The other is a dress with an attached belt, I'd like to get removed. Eventually, I'd like to splurge on a pair of over the knee boots. Those definitely won't be or work :)

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