10 July 2008

Whet your Appetite

hey everyone (and by everyone I mean the few friends I'm going to invite to read this and whoever else stumbles across it),

This is the inaugural post of "...Makes You Do the Wacky". For those who know me well, they won't be surprised to learn that the title of this blog comes from a quote from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. The entire quote is "love makes you do the wacky". Originally, I wanted this to be a blog about love: things I love, people I love, people I wish loved me, but there's just so much in my life that makes me do the wacky, I didn't want to restrict myself.

So here's where I'm going to begin, my 25th birthday is in 15 days. I'm semi-jobless, my cats are shedding hair all over my apartment, I'm supposed to have the "What are we?" talk with the guy I've been dating for almost a year tonight, and I'd rather eat Top Ramen every night than give up my DirecTV/internet connection. I will be evicted first. I thought it was a good time to start a blog.

This is just the teaser. The amuse bouche if you will. But stick around ... I think things will get interesting. And just to (hopefully) get some comments going: What makes you do the wacky?

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