19 July 2008

Bad Eggs

Update: Cat has been spayed. She's doing ok and I'm keeping her from licking the stitches. More posts to come.

The past few days have been a bit hectic. To confirm, yes the cat is pregnant, and no she will not be having kittens. Not on my watch. I know it seems wrong and/or cruel and if my cat was a person I would not force her to have an abortion but seeing as how it's my house, my money, my time and she can't go out and get a job, this is definitely a time when my vote counts for more.

Of course, being in this situation leads to the contemplation of one's own ability to procreate (that sounded really deep). It's funny because when I asked my mother, "guess who's pregnant again?", she started to rattle off the names of my friends one after the other and I realized that the amount of moms that I know has definitely skyrocketed recently. And as I approach my own "quarter-life crisis" I've had the "baby" conversation with more and more people. There's no question about it, I want to be a mom someday but there's a lot that goes into it. I don't want to start having kids in my 30's, but I want to be in a more stable place, financially and mentally. I want to spend time at home initially, but I definitely want to be working again fairly soon, and I am totally not opposed to my (fictional) husband/lover staying home and taking care of the (right now imaginary) children.

I have ideas, I have plans, while clearly all my cat has is an intense sex drive and no contraceptives.


Anonymous said...

thoughtful comments; fyi i am if_i_only_had_a_heart on gawker ... and a girl who got married very late and had a kid, and it is totally consuming but worth it, and the internet allowed me to work for the first 2 years til preschool. so it's still hard in all the ways it always has been, but easy in some new ways. and having friends and family helps a lot, if you can get those around you one way or another. i admire your gawker posts

shananigans said...

Thanks for stopping by. It's nice to know people (outside of my friends) are reading. Thanks for your insights. I'm still trying to suss out the mom thing.