02 August 2008

The Balance

So here I am on the other side of 25, the side that's tipping
a bit closer to 30. And that's how everything feels. Like it's all tipping a bit to the wrong side. To be quite honest, the only thing in my life that feels right is my friends. For the most part, friends tend to be my constant (not that my family isn't but they have their own issues on any given day).

If you check out my new iPod tunes you'll notice that it skews towards the 90's. It's because in the 90's, I had balance. I knew EXACTLY where I was going and what I was doing, and who I wanted to be. I wanted to be Julie Delpy in Before Sunrise traveling on a train from Vienna to Paris. I still want to be that girl.

The 90's made a kind of sense. The country wasn't completely steeped in sex and vacuous lifestyles. It was an age of pop-y boy band tunes and Britney before ... well, you know. Movies were quirky, the word "quirky" was still in vogue, Madonna was voguing. I know I'm still a bit young to be ├╝ber-nostalgic but there was an energy in the 90's I just don't feel anymore.

Anyway, as I search for balance, I promise to update this week with some issues that have been rattling around in my brain: feminism, dreams, war, love, summer t.v. (lots to cover there), and fashion. Hopefully along the way, someone will offer me a job or a kiss and maybe I'll find some balance too.

Later days.

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claire said...

Oh wow, do I ever know how you feel.