25 November 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days: #100

#100: Celebration!

I can't believe this but here it is. Not only did I reach 100 posts but I also reached a much deserved break. And the reason I'm getting to this post the day after my deadline is because I spent last night drinking margaritas and eating tacos at Lake Chalet (Taco Tuesdays!).

I've thought a bit about finishing this goal and what's next. I considered setting a new goal, but I think for right now, it's better to let myself come to blog; something that should be considerably easier now that I've done this. And I also thought about creating a theme. Obviously, television and films are my passion and I could wax on about that for days. But I also like having a place where I can write about anything; life, frustrations, sex (when I'm having it or not) and work. So picking just one theme seemed disingenuous to who I am. Like I said, I'm a jack of all trades master of none and that's an identity that I cannot seem to escape.

So ultimately what I came up with was a name change. Originally the name ...Makes You Do the Wacky, was based on a quote from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, one of my all time favorite television shows. I still believe in the spirit of that title. That "love makes you do the wacky". We do the craziest things in the name of love. But the new title is something that reflects more of me and how I see life.

The new name is Deliciously Ambiguous. As I've said again and again, I don't know where I'm going and my life is pretty up and down. But (for the most part), I'm enjoying the ride and I'll take the uncertainty for those delicious moments of clarity.

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