31 October 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days #75

#75: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

With the economic crisis that we're all facing, the end of the month has come to be the time that most people dread and yet wait for with bated breath. It's the time when the amount of money in your pockets is ebbing like the tide at it's lowest point. But you know that if you can hold on long enough, the money will flow back in. Then the cycle begins all over again.

You pay the bills, have a dinner out here or there and buy something nice to lift your mood but always, the end of the month is lurking there. In that last week, you pack your lunch to work every day. You beg off invitations out. It's all about the necessities, laundry, groceries, medicine. Anything that can wait will and you start to borrow from Peter, in order to Paul.

I know there are all these prescribed ways to creak the cycle (saving, less spending, budgeting, etc) but the truth is this is how the majority of Americans live. And even when I budget, that doesn't mean that I should turn down every dinner invitation or cut out the spontaneity of my life. I'm 26, single and childless; I shouldn't have to second-guess every time I go out for a beer. But it is a cycle and I hate knowing that at the end of every month, I'll struggle against so many things just because I lived my life.

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