27 October 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days: #72

#72: If I Was A Bird

I've been reading a lot of fan-fiction; some that I've written and others that I just enjoy. In some ways, it helps me gauge when I had time on my hands (or made time) and how my writing has changed or improved over time. But most of all, it notes times when I was inspired.

When I'm inspired by something, I start to write. Poetry, fan fiction, original stories, plays, pretty much any and everything. And this has been true all my life. Most of my early stories were inspired by the books and films that I read. Lots of fantasy lands à la the Neverending Story and stories about best friends and their adventures like the Baby-Sitters Club or Sweet Valley. And my teenage years were spent writing lots of vampire stories thanks to Anne Rice and L.J. Smith.

I always have ideas in my head but it takes a lot to drive me to put pen to paper. The last time I felt truly inspired with my writing was high school because even though I could write whatever I wanted, I had strict deadlines. When my English teacher, Lou, told us we had 3 pages due the next day, I'd feel the pressure but I'd also feel the joy of the infinite possibilities. It felt like flying against the wind. Terrible and exhilarating but most of all inspiring.

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