13 October 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days: #58

#58: Packed House

Now that we've had a few weeks of new television, I thought I'd give my list of shows I'm loving, shows that are languishing on the DVR and others that have been deleted altogether.

My two busiest nights are Sundays and Thursdays. Sundays are comedy and drama. Animation Domination on FOX (Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, and American Dad) brings the funny as well as Calfornication. And the drama comes with Dexter, Brothers & Sisters and Cold Case. Rounding it all out is The Amazing Race. And until this week's finales there was also Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva. Combined that's 8 1/2 hours. The animated shows usually chill on the DVR until Monday morning while Cold Case and The Amazing Race I enjoy watching the night of. The rest stick around until Tuesday or the weekend.

Thursdays, there's Supernatural, Flashforward, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice
(both of whom have earned "night of" status because of their brilliant season openers), Fringe and Bones. Luckily, Fringe and Bones are both on Hulu, but they've unfortunately been relegated to weekend viewing.

Glee, Modern Family and Cougar Town have also earned coveted "night of" status because after the long crazy Wednesdays that I have, I need to laugh. And seriously, if you are not watching at least 2 of these three shows something is wrong with you.

Mondays are hard. I love all the shows that are on Monday but it's hit or miss with some of my favorites like Gossip Girl and Big Bang Theory. How I Met Your Mother has been great though, especially since Robin and Barney got together. And they still bring exciting extras like ItWasTheBestNightEver.com.

Friday has become another hit or miss night. Although Dollhouse is really building on the mythology of the show, some of the engagements have been less interesting. And one of my favorites, Numb3rs, has actually become formulaic to me.

There are some shows that still have legs though. I was hoping to drop 90210 but it's been exceptional this season. On the flip side, some of the shows I was excited about have fallen by the wayside. Castle has become a show that I try to catch but I rarely succeed. One Tree Hill, though promising is also a "try but don't cry" if I miss it show. And then there's the new shows. Eastwick has peaked my attention so I'm trying to catch up on ABC.com. But Melrose Place, and ABC's new comedy block are non-starters for me. FOX also has a new comedy called Brothers but given that it was buried on Fridays, I don't hold out hope. Finally, NBC is dead to me. The shows suck and they won't let the cast of Glee perform at the Thanksgiving Day parade
out of fear. The only show I watch on that network is 30 Rock and I'd much rather watch it on Hulu. I also get DirecTv, so I'll be watching Friday Night Lights when it returns on October 28th and I get to bypass NBC's premiere in January.

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