11 October 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days: #55

#55: Black and White

Last night, I attended our school's gala event. It was a nice night, even though I spent a good amount of it running up and down the stairs helping out and even helping a woman who passed out.

Given the theme of the night (black & white) and the nature of the event (very rich people spending obscene amounts of money), I found myself pondering dichotomies.

Rich vs. Poor: One of my colleagues likened our new building to a person who buys really nice clothes on sale. I wonder if I'm misrepresenting myself. Even though I could hang with the best of them, in a gorgeous Rachel Pally jersey dress, I definitely wasn't at the level of those in attendance. Although I wanted to win some of the auctioned items, inwardly I cringed watching people spend thousands of dollars.

Young vs. Old: Aside from the students also working the event, I was probably one of the youngest people in attendance. Once again, I can hang with the best of them but there's a definite line between who was there to contribute and who was there with their mom.

Black vs. White: After the event, some of my colleagues and I went to a local bar, Radio. We all dance and enjoyed ourselves, even though we were horribly overdressed, but I was the only one who could recite the words to all of the old-school hip hop songs playing.

I wrote yesterday that I'm happy to have friends who can straddle both sides of these dichotomies. But that doesn't mean I don't notice them.

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