06 October 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days: #51

#51: Closer

Some times it feels like I'll never go pass here
Some times it feels like I'm stuck forever and ever
But, I'm going higher
Closer to my dreams

There's a lot of opportunity out there. Even in this economy there's lots o ways to create opportunity and sometimes I don't feel like I'm living up to my potential.

Leaving all my fears to burn down
Push them all away so I can move on
Closer to my dreams

Part of it is the fear of failure. Another part is the fear of funds. Even working pretty steadily I've had to struggle so if I strike out on my own and it doesn't work, what happens then?

Stretching out my arms so I can reach

I've been looking at some fellowships as well as trying to design my own curriculum and workshops that places might be interested in. I feel like it's achievable.

Some times it feels like you never gon' change

But then there's the self-doubt and the fatigue. After a full day working, it's hard to thinking about completing an application (hell it's hard to write an entry for this blog). And I've been looking at business schools and they are honestly running a racket. Between the fees to take the test and to apply ... one simple phrase "systemic oppression".

I'm going higher and higher and higher
Closer to my dreams

I think I'm getting there but I have to continue to push myself. I feel like things are within reach. I just have to jump a little higher.

To listen to Goapele's Closer go here.

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