27 September 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days: #41

#42: WILFs

I was supposed to make this update last night but clearly I'm a boob. but here's my (very late) Saturday update about WILFs (White Guys I'd Like to F ...). I wouldn't say that I have anything against any race or ethnicity when it comes to men. But when it comes to white guys, there are definitely certain types that I find attractive and everyone else kind of falls to the wayside.

First there's
The Bad Boy, as typified by Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy. There's something about a slightly scraggly guy, bucking conventions and riding a big motorcycle that spells sexy.

Then there's
The Surfer. It's a certain body type, lean yet muscled. A kind of tanned and windswept look as well as a cocky yet relaxed attitude. Probably best illustrated by Paul Walker.

Third is
The Thinker. This guy is all in his head, slightly self-deprecating. He's simple and a bit sensitive but most of all intellectual. I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt fits this description to a tee.

Next in line is
The Brooder. Similar to the bad boy but more lost than bad. He's the Jordan Catalano, sexy mysterious and all you want to do is help him find a way home. Cam Gigandet is deinitely a brooder.

And finally, there's
The Dancer. As a dancer myself, I find most men who can dance sexy but since the stereotype of white men is generally rhythmless, there's something about a white guy who can get down. Robert Hoffman is the best example of this because he's an amazing dancer and choreographer as well as a generally funny guy. A winning combination. As a bonus I thought I'd through in his choreography reel which is just fun to watch.

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