22 September 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days: #37

#37: Music & Lyrics

Today's a slow day for returning shows so I thought I'd honor all of my favorite television/music moments. Growing up, music was always a part of television. Theme songs and special guest stars always highlighted the musical moments of the shows but it wasn't until my teens when shows started to use television to launch new and emerging artists in a really significant way. So I just wanted to countdown my top 5 tv/music moments.

#5: Fisher - I Will Love You (Roswell)

I was a huge fan of the Max/Tess pairing on Roswell and their love scene was perfectly punctuated by Fisher's song. The love story of two characters separated by time and death was illustrated by the lyrics "Til my body is dust and my soul is no more/I will love you, love you"

#4: James Taylor - Fire & Rain (Dawson's Creek)

A classic song set to a memorable scene. After Dawson's father dies he all but burns everyone around him and ends up crying alone in his car while James Taylor plays in the background.

#3: The Sundays - Wild Horses (Buffy, The Vampire Slayer)

The best thing about this scene was that it was what every girl dreams of, dancing at her prom with her boyfriend, but it was set off by the knowledge that the moment was fleeting and more than likely the last time Buffy and Angel would be together. Bittersweet.

#2: Melissa McLelland - Rooftop (

Degrassi made a ground-breaking episode about a school shooting and besides the sound of gunshots, Melissa McLelland's song, Rooftop, haunted me or days after the show aired.

Honorable Mention: One Tree Hill
. I have to give this show honorable mention because it consistently has amazing music and has introduced me to tons of artists. I actually could have done this entire list with just selections from this show.

#1: Kate Havnevik - Grace (Grey's Anatomy)

This moment tops the list because it has to do with two of my favorite television couples. In this scene Meredith and Derek succumb to lust and love after a season apart and a hopeful Izzie prepares to see the love of her life Denny Duquette as we watch him die. Beautiful, sensual, sad and life-changing. I don't think I've ever cried so much over a television show.

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