01 September 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days :#16

#16: It's Just One of Dem Days*

Today has been one of those days that ran fairly smoothly but ended on a bad note. So when I have a day like this there's a few things that make me smile:

1. The Carlton:

This is what reruns are made for people. To make you smile when you least expect it.

2. Jesse Spano Freaks Out

Whenever I feel stressed out, I think ... at least I'm not Jesse

3. Center Stage

Cheesiest thing ever. How can you not love her 4 outfit (and make-up!) changes with no intermission?

4. Cry for You

When a young Ryan Gosling hits that high note, how can you not love it? Don't forget the shoulder lean, "Baby I'm beggin' !"

5. Like You

This link gave me and my college roommate hours of procrastinating fun. And it's only a 30 second video.

Sometimes the interwebs really come through.

*Bonus in honor of the post title:

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