19 March 2009

The Weight of the World

This week has not been a good one for Oakland businesses. Two of my favorite places in Oakland, Drift Denim and The Parkway Speakeasy Theater are closing at the end of the week. Both announcements were made suddenly (I learned about the Parkway this morning) and for me, a person who really patronizes local businesses and develops relationships with the workers and owners, it's really disheartening. In the face of this, as well as hearing about million dollar bonuses for insufficient work, it's been a pretty disheartening week. 

There have been some bright spots. I've accomplished a lot at work this week and I'm preparing to go to NY and see my family and some amazing friends. Then there's Fug Madness (an easy way to chase away some blues) and new episodes of Lost and Scrubs. But overall, things have been steadily losing their shine. I'm not a shiny, happy person but I'm not dark & twisty either. I just wish I had some solutions. Or at least an answer or two. 

I'm working all this weekend (I gotta eat too) but I'm going to try my hardest to make it to these establishments before they close and give a little to make sure they close with some dignity and the knowledge that they were loved and enjoyed. 


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