14 February 2015

The Love Project #14

*Note: I am failing at completing this project but that's good for me to know. Learn and grow. 

#14: Loving Love

I love love
I like the rush of discovery
The slow, methodical process of getting to know something new
I like the excitement of infatuation
The burn of desire
Holding love in my hands and heart
Throwing my head back with pure joy
The tingle of anticipation. 

I LOVE love
But I don't know if I've ever been in love
If I've ever fallen completely
Losing myself
But gaining something bigger
That's what I imagine it is
To truly love someone else

I l-o-v-e love
A long walk into endless conversation
A slow fall into a soft bed
Or someone's arms
Whispered voices under soft sheets
Warm limbs and lips
That is as close as I get to heaven

I love love
More than it loves me

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