06 June 2010

A Tale of Two Weekends

Memorial Day weekend and the weekend before marked two big events in my life. The first was the series finale of LOST. For most not exactly a milestone but for this viewer it was the culmination of six years of watching, reading, listening, philosophizing and mostly importantly, it was a moment where I fully immersed myself in a community I hadn't even realized I was a part of. I was lucky enough to go to L.A. for the Lost series finale party organized by Jay and Jack. I got to see a genuine Dharma van and listen to Michael Emerson wax rhapsodic about any and every thing. Listening to that man speak was one of the highlights of my life and seriously made me regret not pursuing acting. He's just a genius.

But the most overwhelming part of the evening was watching the episode surrounded by fans. It was a complete roller coaster of emotions and to know that you're not the only one on that ride was amazing. We laughed, squealed, cheered and sighed together. I was geeked out by my own luminaries, the actor who played Radzinsky, Chris White, producer of the Official Lost Podcast and L. Scott Caldwell. It took every thing in me not to ask a question about Secret Life of the American Teenager (ironically, of course). I really felt like I'd found a place and my geekdom was fully appreciated. And I'm glad that even though Lost is over, the fans continue to discuss, post and dissect the series. I'm already saving up for the complete series DVDs. Last weekend, I flew out to N.Y. visit my original tribe, my family and friends. I got to see my girls from high school. Those in the know would call us The Fab 5. We harangued everyone into coming out from Manhattan and even Jersey to Brooklyn so we could spend the night catching up before I hopped a bus to Providence for my 5 year college reunion which was pure silliness. I remembered just how much I love Rhode Island. It's one of the most gorgeous places in the country. And just seeing people who know you, who speak your language ... it's refreshing. The shorthand doesn't need to be explained and the references are coming from the same place. I also got to reconnect with one of my mentors whom I hold very dear. It was hard not to shed tears when I think of all that has happened in the mere 5 years since I left. I think what I walked away from the weekend with was a sense that I really am not sure where I'm going next, but that's ok cause I have some great people around me. And with most of my friends finishing, in or applying to med school, I never have to worry about a doctor!

I finished off the weekend with my homeboy Lionel. We walked around downtown Brooklyn on a hot day enjoying the music and food at a street fair. That is the Brooklyn I miss and adore. Where you can walk down the street and just enjoy the atmosphere and where it seems like life pops up at you out of nowhere and you can (and will) run into five people you know but haven't seen in months. It's a miracle I haven't started making plans to move back after that day. And the ginger lemonade I had was the truth!

Back to back weekends of love, luckiness and light. If only it was sustainable.

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