11 November 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days: #87

#87: Never Say Die

Today on my day off I watch A LOT of television. Most of it was stuff that's been languishing on my DVR for weeks so I'm happy to get through it all but one was something that I've been saving for just this situation: The Goonies.

For some reason, this movie (along with some others) continues to touch me. I find myself mouthing words and shedding a tear every time Sean Astin says "It's our time, our time, down here!"

I think it's the combination of a lot of elements. One is the friendship. Throughout the movie you see these friends give up everything to support each other. And even though the goal is finding "the rich stuff", what's more important is spending their last day together.

The other thing I love about the movie is the sense of adventure. You don't feel like this is one day but just one of many adventures and that there'll be more tomorrow.

And finally, there's Sloth. How can you not love a guy who's ears move when he speaks? He's the quintessential gentle giant. And I love Chunk and how they relate to each other.

So I laid in bed today and I laughed and cried but most of all, I rested. Just 2 more days til the weekend.

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