08 November 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days: #83

#83: Savion and Patience

Last night I got to see the wonderful and dynamic Savion Glover perform. I have to tip my hat to this man because he did two back-to-back shows (90 minutes each) and I don't think he paused more than five minutes the entire time. The show was all improvisation with him tapping along with a jazz quartet. The other thing i loved about the show was Patience Higgins, the horn player. Who can't love a name like Patience Higgins? I was also fortunate enough to go backstage and meet the performers who all gave me a wonderful dose of New York. The piano player was like a long-lost uncle and the entire crew was littered with Brooklyn and Manhattan
natives that made me miss home.

I know I joke a lot about Savion being my future husband (not giving up on that dream) but more than that watching him is divine. It's like watching precision and chaos connect in a perfect storm of awesome. And even more than that, in meeting him he exudes such a cool spirit. He also displays such a reverence and love for performers of the past, like each performance is a tribute to them. It was beautiful to behold. I've decided we just have to hang out again. Clearly, he'll fall in love with me. Cause I'm already in love with him. Patience.

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