21 October 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days: #65

#65: It Ain't Over Til It's Over

Rundown of my day:

5:00 AM: Wake-up, begin washing dishes and getting together ingredients to cook treats for school event.

6:00 AM: Get off computer after looking up conversion from ounces to cups.

6:15 AM: Get the popcorn started, begin mixing the caramel sauce.

6:30 AM: Trying to figure out where to store the popcorn. Don't have anything big enough to hold all the popcorn I plan on making. End up using garbage bag.

7:00 AM: Caramel sauce still too thin and I need to finish so I can wash up to get to school. Add cornstarch.

7:30 AM: Finish the food. Start gathering everything I made the night before and getting other supplies together.

7:44 AM: Oh shit! Hop in the shower. Come out, hop into my outfit.

8:00 AM: Can't find the lights I need for the haunted house.

8:30 AM: Finally find and gather everything. Out the door! If I left it too bad.

8:47 AM: Just missed the bus. Next one not til 10 min. Start looking up cab companies but the next bus is early.

9:05 AM: Time to transfer. Next bus is in 6 min. Put down the bags I'm hauling.

9:30 AM: Arrive at work. Put my bags down and run upstairs to watch my students perform their skits for Humanities class.

10:10 AM: Only a third of the way through and I'm light-headed. Haven't eaten anything.

10:15 AM: Someone brought pastries today. Thank God!

10:50 AM: Skits are over. I have a bit of time before lunch duty begins. Check-in with my boss. Return emails.

11:00 AM: Co-workers start to arrive. Send them to my office to finish prepping for this afternoon's event.

11:20 AM: Lunch duty starts.

12:30 PM: Have to stop 3 kids and remind them to finish chewing their lunch before coming out to recess.

12:40 PM: Lunch duty over. Jump in to help prep.

1:10 PM: Checked in with other teachers, they brought next to nothing for this afternoon's event. Gotta make a Wal-Mart run!

1:20 PM: Before I leave set up snack for the afterschool program and get attendance sheets.

1:25 PM: Out the door. Spend about $60 at Wal-Mart.

2:00 PM: Get back to school. Parent meeting! Need the receptionist to translate for me. Mom is a Spanish-speaker.

2:30 PM: Out of meeting. Luckily student is a star. Nothing but good things to say. Time to start getting redy for the event.

3:00 PM: Lord, help me not to hurt these children. Pulled in a zillion different directions.

3:45 PM: Down to the wire. Some kids can't pull it together and all I want to do is pee. Headed to the bathroom when another crisis hits.

3:50 PM: Crisis averted. I can pee.

4:00 PM: We're supposed to start but everything's not ready. Kids start lining up.

4:20 PM: Gotta start even if we're behind. The little kids are afraid of the Spooky Walk. We have some criers.

4:45 PM: First transition smooth. High school students are doing excellent.

5:05 PM: Second transition easy-peasy.

5:25 PM: Where are the extension cords?! Found them. Then found out I don't need them. Tme for the costume contest.

5:45 PM: They want to give two kids a tie. Send a teacher to make up more goody bags. I did not plan for this.

6:00 PM: Everyone got a prize. Kindergartener is crying cause he didn't win. Slip him some Play-Doh.

6:15 PM: Surprised to find the majority of the areas cleaned up. Time for the nitty-gritty. Vaccuming.

6:30 PM: Discover the kids spilled some fake blood on the carpet. Down on all fours scrubbing.

7:00 PM: Think I got it all. Checking the kitchen one last time.

7:15 PM: Inventorying what's left. Setting aside the good stuff as treats for the high school.

7:30 PM: Beat, afraid to go into my office cause it's one more thing i'll have to clean.

8:00 PM: Just got home, thanks to a ride from a co-worker. So glad I didn't have to get on the bus.

8:05 PM: Put down my bags. Realize I still have to cook. Want to pass out ... get up and make some spaghetti.

8:30 PM: Pour a glass of wine and sit down to eat. Now all I have to do is blog.

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don't forget to vacuum the cat