18 August 2009

100 Issues for 100 Days: #2

#2 Premium or Unleaded

Today is the day my cable bill is due. Don't get me wrong, any other day I would happily pay my cable bill and keep on truckin' but there's one tiny problem: I am BROKE. And I don't mean broke like I'm skimping on that new pair of shoes (I saw a great pair of second-hand yellow pumps for $35 at this store, by the way). No I'm broke like "I'm on a week-long cleanse cause it means I can draw out the time until I have to buy groceries" - broke.

Back to the cable bill. I also have a huge weakness. I LOOOOOOOOVE my television. It's kind of sick. When I add up the amount of television I watch per week it's at least a part time job. So while I'll never give up my cabe outright, I am thinking of cutting back on my premium channels. What does this mean? No more HBO and Showtime. For most people this is a small sacrifice but every time I come close to cutting the cord I think, "No more True Blood? No more Weeds?
and my hand hovers over the "remove" button with trepidation. And I know I can find these things on the interwebs somewhere but for the same reason I can't get myself to commit to a Kindle, "it just ain't the same".

Right now I hover on the brink. But my (empty) wallet will push me over the edge.

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