03 July 2009

The Truth About Cats

I've had my cats for about two years now. And although I've talked about the trials and tribulations of cat pregnancy, there's lots of things that people don't think about when getting a cat. So I thought I'd share some truths about cats.

1. Cats throw up ... ALOT: I've dealt with a lot of cat puke. While my cats were pregnant, they had morning sickness. If I change their food too drastically, they throw up. Basically every alternating Sunday, they find an excuse to throw up. Actually the throwing up doesn't bother me as much as the fact that my cats seem to go out of their way to throw up on the carpet. If they are in the (tiled) kitchen, they will deliberately go to the living room to vomit on the rug.

2. There is nothing worse than the sound of a cat hacking up a furball: It's the combination of a person dry heaving, wracking with coughs and old man with emphesyma. Nuff said.

3. If you have a cat that sheds, invest in a good vacuum cleaner: Seriously, if my cats have hairballs so do I.
There is hair everywhere and in the summer I might as well give up.

4. Cats scratch ... and it leaves marks: Every day I notice a new mark or a healing one. It doesn't necessarily hurt but it sucks. Cats especially scratch when you bathe them, ake them to the vet and generally try to make them do anything that they don't one hundred percent want to do.

5. Cats make THE BEST cuddlers: The only reason I keep my cats around. When it comes to cuddling they are number one. Sometimes I don't even realize they're there until a comforting paw wraps around me or I get a sweet lick on my hand. It's the best feeling and probably the only thing that gets them saved from being dropped in Lake Merritt.

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